Monday, June 7, 2010


Well hello there!

It's been a while. The past month has been insanely busy: finishing my thesis, graduation, moving out of Rochester, a week at home, and then moving to Boston. Anyways, I am now a college graduate with a BFA in Film and Animation! I can't post the film just yet because I'd like to submit it to some festivals, but eventually I will.

I moved to Boston on Friday, and I'm sure I'm going to love it here. As a country girl, the public transit system seemed pretty daunting, but I got my Link Pass and I rode the subway so I've got a handle on that now. I'm close to Harvard Square, so that's really nice. And a good portion of my roommates are international, which is awesome because I get to learn about Europe!

Tomorrow I start my internship at FableVision Studios, which I'm really excited about. By the end of the summer, I hope to gain a solid grasp of Flash as well as knowledge of a professional environment. I've been drawing in Flash to help prepare myself for the internship. It's hard, because I'm used to being very loose with my drawings, using circles and gesture lines as a foundation. But I do like the graphic look of Flash, so I think I should at least enjoy learning how to draw in a new way. Here's two drawings I did over the past two days (there were also a lot of doodles which I chose to scrap):

(They both happen to be love-themed because I'm missing my boyfriend a lot right now :P)

I need to do a lot more exploring of the city. I'm pretty sure I'm going to going to the beach this weekend with my housemates, which should be fun. I also really want to see the aquarium, the Freedom Trail, some museums, and of course experience all the shopping and food Boston has to offer! Hopefully after all the visits from my boyfriend, my mother, and my friends (so excited for the 4th of July!!!) I'll have some really great Boston experiences under my belt.

Life is good! Keep loving it!

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